Sad Realization

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Was doing a bit of personal interest research yesterday and it seems my Blog will probably just never make the radar in any big way.

It seems the things I am interested in and tend to want to blog about have little in common with what the general Internet masses are busy being interested in. This is probably for two reasons. Firstly, I have never really “Fit” into the main stream, even when I was of an age to be part of the main stream. Which brings us to the second fact, which is that I am no longer of an age to really fit into the man stream. Which given the first fact suits me just fine.

However, there is the mild grief that comes with being on the “outs” from the main crowd. The Fact that when I look up what is popular and realize that I have no idea who “Natalie Gulbis”, “Naomi Campbell”, “Cindy Mccain” or “Beyonce Knowles” are, or that I have no interest in Big Media’s exploitation of the transgendered community in their coverage of the “Pregnant man”, or even my total lack of interest in thing like “American Idol” and the “WWE”, all just go to highlight my apartness from the main group. Strangely other then the mild grief which comes from that sense of apartness, I am unable to summon the want, need or desire to partake of the things mentioned above. I am quite happy with my interests where they are.

I guess that is enough self indulgent ramblings for today. Best Wishes to all, and I’ll write more later.


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