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I just wanted to write a quick article on how to set up BloGTK with As I figure that people finding the previous post might be interested in such.

In the accounts and Preferences section, on the Accounts settings tab:

Server URL:

Username: Your username

Password: Your password

Blogging System: Choose “Movable type”

Click Save

Click OK

Then in the main BloGTK window Click File -> Connect

At this point you should be good to go. On the Advanced tab of the main window Keywords is where you set your tags.

Hope this helps



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  3. Thanks buddy! Just what I needed!

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  5. Thanks, I don´t knew how to do it

  6. Thanks 🙂 Helped me.

  7. Thank you

  8. thank you mr,,,
    yout article is very nice….^^

  9. Thanks, I couldn’t get it working until now. However when I reload the program it goes back to default… how annoying. I tried editing the blogtk.conf to remove the default but found the app wouldn’t load!

  10. not working here… where I might be wrong?
    i’ve done all that you told….

    • I’m not sure.. It still works for me.. and for others.. I hope you get it sorted.

  11. Thanks. It looks much easier to use than logging into my admin panel. I just wish there is away to select multiple categories for a post… know of a way to do this?

  12. Just the right info when I needed it, thanks. Googling works! Blogging is not useless!

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  14. Thanks so much for this Freemor. It’s going to help get me away from Live Writer. I think that’s definitely a good thing.

  15. […] Now you are ready to post. Select the desired Blog and Category to start writing new posts. You can see 3 tabs. Edit Post for normal editing, Advanced for tags etc and Preview shows preview. The demerits are no text formatting, HTML editor, grammar checking etc. This my first post using BloGTK. I finished it early but I don’t have the usual satisfaction using Word Press. I think you can use it as an offline tool for blogging. It is good tool for a blogger having limited Internet access. Thanks tothis. […]

  16. Thanks. Quite annoying there is hardly any documentation for this otherwise. This helped a lot!

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