Site of the Week #6

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This weeks site of the week is actually a bit of a combination of sites, but they are at least closely related sites.

The main Site of the week for this week is Twitter. To most of my readers is probably not new, or at least it wont be something that they haven’t heard of.

So, Why Twitter? Well I finally had the time to actually check it out this week. I must admit that before actually taking the time to try it out I was leaning towards the “Really?, Why?” camp. However, with actually trying it out I can certainly see what the buzz is about.

I think it is important to mention that it it not Twitter alone that makes it what it is, but how Twitter interacts with other applications. There are browser plug-ins for Twitter like TwitterFox. There are cool Twitter related websites like TwitterVision. There are Twittering applications of every make and flavour.

In my opinion it is this openness to integrate with other application that is a large part of what makes twitter what it is. With so many twittering options it is very simple to stay in touch

Twitter also has some unsung features like the “track” option which lets you track tweets containing a certain name or word. This is very useful for staying tuned into what is going on with a certain subject.

I would also like to point out that Twitter’s sign-up is one of the least invasive I’ve seen and their Terms of Service and privacy policy are both exceedingly reasonable. (One of the main reasons I do not have a FaceBook or MySpace account is due to the overly invasive sign-up pages and the less then amiable Privacy policies they have)

So as I usually say, Go, check it out for yourself. But in this case, don’t just check out spend a little time checking out all the cool things that work with Twitter, and some of the features of Twitter like “track”


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