Caps, About more then just “Downloads”

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The CBC had an interesting article about the move away from “unlimited” internet service. I actually applaud the ISP’s loosing the “Unlimited” terminology, because it never was. (just check your EUA and AUP (End User Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy for those not up on their TLA’s).

The article was fairly good but in talking about the caps, but they failed to mention one basic but hugely important fact. The caps ar not just on “Downloads” the caps apply to all traffic on your internet connection. Every webpage you view, every IM message you send, every bit of spam and e-mail, EVERYTHING and that can add up quickly for a highly connected user. I often do remote tech support which means Skype for voice while I have a VNC or RDP session running and that is a combination that can eat up bandwidth in a hurry.

All that said, I never did actually hit the 60GB limit. There were time I could have.. or if I were to do some thing I’d like to do.. such as run a TOR exit node I’d hit it pretty quickly. I guess I just wish the main stream media would report the whole story. instead of focusing on “Downloads” as though that was the only thing being counted.


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