Si3054 and Hardy Heron… The Saga Continues

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Well it seems I may have been a little overly optimistic when I wrote this Blog entry. Although sending faxes was indeed working fine it seems receiving a fax was not so hot.. after more reading a tweaking I now can do both sending and receiving. It seems that in order to receive a fax properly you need to slow the modem down to 4800 baud (eeesh). So if you are only interested in sending faxes from you laptop you might want to ignore these settings and keep the nice 14.4 baud that you can send at.

Basically it boils down to needing to add to parameters to your faxing software.

the “capabilities” parameters passed to efax should look like:


your’s may vary.. the important number in that string is the second 1 which sets the baud to 4800

you will also need to add the parameter

+MS=32,0,4800,4800 to your modem init string. Again yours may vary the important part here is the 4800,4800 which forces the modem to only use 4800 baud.

Receiving is still not perfect but at least you get a lot more then just the top 8th of the first page.

hope this helps… again this is ONLY needed for receiving.


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