The demise of Twitter?

June 29, 2008 at 11:19 | Posted in Tech | 1 Comment
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As I sit here, once again frustrated with Twitter and the continual problems they seem to be having in scaling up their service, I find myself wondering, “Am I watching the demise of Twitter?”.

I think it is a well established fact that the Internet crowd is a fairly impatient lot. Easily frustrated with outages, and very intolerant of things only “half working”. Unfortunately for Twitter this describes the current state of affairs, And sadly the state of affairs for the past while.

The folks at Twitter keep asking their loyal fans to “bear with them” while they do upgrades and try to stabilize the system. People have stuck in there so far, out of their love for Twitter. However after putting up with reduced service for weeks I now find a massive outage. I find myself thinking, “what? after all this work, the system can’t even function correctly with half of it services turned off?”.

Clearly Twitter has a Major problem going on and one that isn’t going to go away in another week or two. With Twitter like sites ( on the horizon people may start diving overboard like the proverbial rats on a sinking ship.

IMHO, Twitter needs to do something big, something substantial, and soon. (Trust me if I were Google I’d be giving serious consideration to throwing Jaiku into open beta just to vacuum up the disenchanted Twitter users.).

Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy Twitter, when it works. The problem is when I’m wanting that update, and find that twitter is yet again down.. It gets frustration, The fact that IM updates haven’t worked for a while now, is frustrating. And I like most denizens of the Net don’t deal well with frustration.


1 Comment

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