Hmmmm… A “God is..” question

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This is Probably Flame bait, but here goes. (I’m really not looking to get into a big flame war)

In years past I would use the phrase, “Hmm… God is good to the faithful”, when good things happened to me. I desisted because people would become quite irate about me saying such. Something I never understood.

Here is how my thought process goes and why I have trouble seeing why people become irate.

If the person in question is a non-believer (not in the faithful camp) then my comment is simply nonsensical, and thus nothing to become irate over. To such a person it should be in the same league as me saying.. “Guess the Martian overlords are smiling on me this week”. So, no biggie, right?

To the believers in the crowd (the faithful) the statement should be inclusive and thus a good thing, as the “God is good…” part would apply to them also. Thus no reason to become irate.

The only way left to explain peoples strong negative reaction is to class them as a group that has some nebulous belief in God, but somehow not defined enough to consider themselves Faithful and thus they feel excluded from the “God is good to the…” part.

I find it difficult to believe it is a Sectarian problem as almost all religions define their God or Gods as “good or kind” to the faithful, and I certainly wasn’t saying “My god is kind to the faithful”, nor even defining which God I was talking about.

Is there some deep seeded feeling on unworthiness among the faithful that I am unaware of? Is it just the suggestion of the existence of a God at all that evokes the strong response. If so are people so insecure in their unbelief?

I just find it odd that what should be a positive, or in the case of non-believers benign at best, evokes such strong reactions.


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