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July 3, 2008 at 16:46 | Posted in Life | 11 Comments
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Since Gavin Brock was nice enough to pass a Jaiku invite on to me after seeing my request in this Blog I figured I’d “pay it forward” and so I have 10 spare Jaiku Invites up for grabs. I’ll pass them along to the first 10 people that provide me with an e-mail addy.

Now, with me being privacy/security minded and all, it doesn’t have to be a personal e-mail. You can go to drop.io, set-up a 1 week drop and set it to accept e-mails. that will give you a temporary e-mail address that looks like “foo@drop.io” that I can send the invite too.

I’ll update this blog entry once the invites are gone.

See you on Jaiku!

— update —

Since I am quitting Jaiku (see more here) I will no longer have invites to dispense



  1. I would really like to have an invite.

  2. Sent

  3. I’d love an invite if that’s possible?

  4. possible, and sent

  5. Love to also get an invite if any are available? Thank

  6. Could I have an invite from you?

    Millions thanks in advance šŸ™‚

  7. please can i have one too…

    my email = badbumbhole [at] gmail [dot] com


  8. k, it’s sent Gomcoite

  9. Arron: Sent

  10. Laura: Sent

  11. Thanks a lot freemore… šŸ™‚ will sign up.

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