Jaiku’s new Lack of “Privacy Policy”

August 28, 2008 at 11:08 | Posted in Privacy/Security | 2 Comments
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With Jaiku moving on to Google servers there has been a new Terms of service and a new Jaiku Privacy Policy issued. You must agree to these to continue using the service. The Terms of Service seem pretty straight forward.. but the new Jaiku privacy policy has some startling and bad terms in it, in particular:

If you use a mobile device client, we collect, in addition to your phone number, your presence information (including location information, such as cell id), your Bluetooth mac address, Bluetooth mac addresses of nearby users, your mobile device status (including whether you are using the device, whether the phone is idle, and the phone’s ring profile), mobile device usage statistics, the duration and description of current/previous/next calendar event, and an indication of whether a call is currently in progress (3G only).

WTF!! If I/you/anyone Posts to Jaiku from a cell phone Google will:

a) Collect location information.

b) Pillage your calendar for current/previous/next events!!!!

c) Invade the privacy of people around you by collecting their Bluetooth mac addresses (remember they know where you are.. so now they know where these other people are also)

d) Collect ringing and call status (which most likely includes the # of the person at the other end of the line (thus invading their privacy))

Remember this isn’t “information that is incidentally sent to us, but we discard”, this is clearly listed as “Information we collect”. That means keep and do with what they want.

I can see no possible justification for raping someones phone like this and the invasion of the privacy of innocent bystanders (who most likely have not agreed to have their information collected). (yes Google that is what you are doing no matter how you try to sugar coat it. If you are finding out where someone is,and when. (third party bluetooth mac) You are collecting information about people not party to your little agreement. The same goes for someone that the Jaiku user may be talking to on the phone.)

I think people should scream at Google about this. In my opinion it’s unjustifiable, it’s wrong, and it’s evil (yes, you heard me Google, IMHO you’re doing serious evil here)

I’m going to use this last paragraph to apologies for perhaps being a little unbalanced. I just find it completely unacceptable that Google would use the technology in a users phone to invade the privacy of bystanders. It is bad enough that they pillage the users phone for as much information as they can get about the users life.



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