et tu printer!?!

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Once again I find myself writing about corporations doing an end run around peoples privacy. I’m a big Fan of the EFF and watch their blog. I was a bit shocked yesterday however when they posted an article on how peoples printers are covertly leaving identifying information on everything they print. What kind of identifying information. Oh just things like the serial number of the printer that printed the document, when it was printed and in some cases by whom.

Do these printers come with warnings about the fact that they are violating your privacy? NO!

Are the manufacturers legally obligated to make their printers do this? NO!

Is there a way to turn it off? NO!

Are there laws to prevent law enforcement or governments from misusing this information to your detriment? NO!

Want more information? Rather then re-invent the wheel I’ll just list the relevant EFF pages here:

The EFF Blog entry about the issue – A site that help you register your dislike (outrage?) at this issue with affected printer manufacturer.

Things you can do to further help EFF study the problem and effect change.

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