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Hello Everyone,

I haven’t blog in a bit,  that was due to the fact that I got a G1G1 XO for my birthday and have been having a wonderful time playing with it ever since. But now that I’ve explored and poked, and configured enough to drag myself away from it I am going to start writing about it.

One thing I’d like to stress is that I knew exactly what I was getting into with an XO. I didn’t expect it to be running Windows. I didn’t expect it to be a full powered multimedia capable netbook. I knew it was a purpose built machine, with purpose built software. I am saying this because I have seen several posts from people that clearly didn’t understand this and consequentially ended up being disappointed when they couldn’t do content rich web 2.0 stuff with their XO.

To help clear things up for the non-technical readers I’d like to make a quick can/cant do list. Bear in mind that several things I’m putting in the can’t pile really translate to “can, but not is a way that would be satisfactory to the average windows user”.


  • Gmail
  • Yahoo mail (classic interface)
  • other web mail
  • Google Calendar/Reader/Docs
  • wikipedia
  • meebo.com (Instant messaging)
  • Read ebooks
  • read .PDF’s


  • Watch Streaming Video
  • flash Video (youtube, ustream.tv, dailymotion, blip.tv, revver.com, etc)
  • use windows applications/games
  • work with Microsoft Office Files (Word, Powerpoint XL)

That is a short list for both the can and can’t but I just wanted to give a general idea. Now that I’ve done my part to be clear I feel it’s time to rave about the XO because it really is the neatest bit of tech “kit” to come out in years (both hardware and software).

My first impressions of the XO were how small, light, and well designed it was. It is also one of the cutest computers I have ever seen.

It connected to my home network no problem at all and I was soon busily tinkering seeing what it could do. Some of the concepts behind the UI (User Interface, “desktop” for the lay folks) are very innovative and I would definitely like to see them move out of the XO world to the larger computer market. In particular I find the thinking behind the “Journal” to be a big step in a good direction. How nice it would be is my main laptop saved it’s information in the same way. Also the idea of all “Activities” (programs) being collaborative by  design is fantastic. Even the way that I can see all the other XO users on the presence server I’m hooked to is great. What a wonderful way to promote community.

I am going to keep Sugar firmly entrenched on the XO and although I may make myself a dual boot Xubuntu or Fedora SD card, it’d be purely for the techieness of doing so not to migrate away from Sugar. Not only would such a migration loose those wonderful innovations mentioned above it would also lose some of the unique capabilities of the XO such as “Mesh Networking” (no there aren’t many other XO’s around.. but when 802.11s hist main stream the XO will be ready.)

I’ll stop there for today. But I do plan further blog entries on:

  • Sugar
  • Video  on the XO without installing anything
  • Sound on the XO without installing anything
  • Getting into the XO for what it is
  • Getting the most out of the XO
  • Tweaks and hacks
  • etc.

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