Are CD-r/rw’s and DVD-r/rw’s dead???

March 12, 2009 at 09:24 | Posted in Tech | Comments Off on Are CD-r/rw’s and DVD-r/rw’s dead???
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With cheap flash memory storage becoming so readily available, I find myself wondering if CD and DVD media are dead or at the very least dying. I’m fairly sure CD-r/rw’s are going the way of the dinosaurs. They have what is now seen as very limited storage, they are not significantly cheaper then DVD-r/rw’s, so I’m guessing anyone with something that must, gotta, be burned will probably opt for DVD media unless there is concern about being able to use it as boot media for an older (well ancient really if all it has is CD drives) system.

What prompted me to write this is that I’m seeing my usage change. If I want to check out a new Linux distro I no longer burn the boot image to disc I just boot it up in Qemu or a Virtual box. With most modern computers having massive amounts of storage it often makes more sense to keep the .iso on the HD or a flash drive and mount it directly (loop mount under linux, MagicDisc,Virtual Clone-Drive, ect. under windows). So again, no real need to burn it to a disc. I have a case of 100 DVD-r’s that was bought last summer and I haven’t even cracked the seal on it yet. A few years ago I would have gone through that in a couple of month.

Even backing up to DVDs only makes sense if you want the data for a very long time. These days it make far more sense to back up to a removable HD. The coming of eSATA and USB 3.0 are just going to push things further in the removable HD direction. Why waste time burning and swapping DVDs when you can Plug in you eSATA back up HD and have the whole thing done faster and without needing to babysit it and swap DVDs.

So, IMHO, if these formats aren’t dead they are at least terminally I’ll. If the makers of SSDs can get the prices down significantly perhaps all spinning media is dead.


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