Jumping Into Jaunty

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With the release of the Release Candidate for Jaunty Jackalope (The next version of the Ubuntu O/S). I decided it would probably be o.k. to take the plunge and upgrade my main laptop. The upgrade went very smoothly. The only annoyance with it was that the Ubuntu servers were quite busy so it took longer then expected.

Once in Jaunty I was struck by how little had changed. The new notification system doesn’t seem vastly different from the previous one. The faster boot times unfortunately got eaten by a disk check so I can’t comment on those yet as I only restart occasionally.

I was also struck by what seem to me to be several downgrades. I had been anxiously awaiting the release of Jaunty so I could try out Ekiga 3.0.x as I am a heavy VoIP user. I was very saddened to see that many of the features I depend on in Ekiga had been stripped out most notably the message waiting indication. There was also a large lag when using the new version of Ekiga. Due to this I’ve had to switch to Twinkle (which I’m greatly liking)

I was also saddened to see the preferences for Vino (desktop sharing) had taken a harsh hit. In Intrepid several new options had been added allowing fine grained tuning of the remote desktop. These have disappeared in Jaunty. As it is early days yet, I’m not sure if they are just hidden (needing to use gconf editor to set them) or completely stripped out.

I also was one of the unlucky few that took a performance hit because the current Intel video drivers are a work in progress. Luckily due to the excellent release notes I was prepared for this eventuality (although not the severity of it) and was able to use one of their work arounds to fix it up and get back to decent performance.

One plus is that Bluetooth seems to be fixed with will make it easier to load things onto my palm. That alone might be worth the upgrade as Bluetooth was completely broken in Intrepid for me.

Things I still need to check.. Suspend/Resume (Broken in Intrepid to much consternation. But my usage patterns have changed with me having a smaller laptop for service calls so it is no longer a big consideration). I’ll need to reboot a few more times before i can comment on the speed improvement but I can already tell that we are not talking Moblin type boot times.

On the whole I’m happy with Jaunty. I’m taking it as a stability release as it fixed a couple of thing that were broken in Intrepid. I am however saddened by the stripping out of features and setting in what seems to be a desire not to scare away the “average user”. Just a thought guys.. if the average user need his VNC remote desktop to be encrypted and on a special port They are going to be none too happy about having to go through the esoterica of gconf editor just to set a few things that should have stayed on the “advanced” tab. If you absolutely must hide it at least have a “vino-preferences –advanced” option which will bring back the options to the standard configuration interface (or maybe a “show advanced options” checkbox).


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