E-Toys Tutorial 12 – Getting Jiggy with the Frog

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In this tutorial we continue building out the game we started in the previous tutorial. We add levelling, scoring, difficulty increases, and a nice background. This tutorial is longer then the rest but covers some advanced ground and nicely demonstrates the development process scripting and debugging.

This E-Toys project will be available to download and experiment with @ http://drop.io/freemor_etoys_projects

The OLPC XO playable version is HERE

You can download this tutorial HERE



  1. Thanks for this tutorial !

    I am a Squeak/ etoys novice, and hadn’t used the etoys “connector” before.

    It gave me an idea for an ATC (Air traffic control simulator), i.e. to use “vector” lines (connectors), for a way to graphically issue heading change commands to the planes.

    Along with the etoys ‘bearingTo’ method, and this little script snippet, I’ve also solved the annoying “heading” numbers that etoys uses for headings > 180 :

    | b |
    self forward: 0.2.
    b := self bearingTo: ConnectorArrow.
    (b < 0) ifTrue: [b := 360 + b].
    Transcript cr; show: b.
    self setHeading: b

    Unfortuneatly, atm, my little vector- bearing control is not working ideally, as the "plane" changes it's heading instantaneously, when the bearing "target" is moved.

    I want the plane to turn at a realistic turn rate given the current speed, so some more scripting is probably in order.


    • What you could do is gradually change the heading with something like: (meta code not squeak)
      b := self bearingTo: ConnectorArrow.
      (b heading;
      if b < heading;

      that way it would take several iterations for heading to = B

      Thanks for the kind word.
      Love now you have taken the basic use of connectors I demonstrated and expanded on it so much
      very cool.

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