About Freemor

I’m a Techie and Free (as in speech) Software Advocate from Canada. I’ve been into computers since the late 70’s.

I became interested in Free Software many years ago when I started using GNU/Linux, first, just out of curiosity and to learn about it, but it quickly became my Operating system of choice. I find that the ethos of the Free Software community strongly echoes the early days of computing when computers were far more a hobby and not the common appliance that they have become.

I am also greatly interested in issues of privacy and security and how they relate to technology and society. In my opinion there is a major struggle going on right now for personal privacy, with technology, in general, and the Internet in particular being the main battle ground.

I have also recently become interested in the “New Media” revolution, and I am taking my first steps into that world.



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  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. Hi,

    Happy to see another Etoys enthusiast in Canada.

    Great blog, keep it up,

    Milan Zimmermann

  3. I think I found your blog via a link from “Better Privacy”. I’m so glad I did!

    These blogs of important info., unfortunately tucked away like they are, are all a lot of people have to educate them about the unseen nasties on the web. Thank you.

    • You are most welcome. I am Glad you found my posting interesting and informative. I agree with you that this information isn’t spread nearly far enough.

  4. First off, thank you for posting the Etoys tutorials. I’m a member of OLPC-Phillippines (interim org name). Our organization is still in its infancy, but I’m highly interested in developing content for training teachers. To be honest I’ve stepped into the role since no one has taken it yet and I think it’s important to train the teachers first. So basically, I don’t know what I’m doing. I currently don’t have the XO but hoping to run Sugar on a Stick and do some video captures from my Windows machine. What type of equipment/software did you use? I would be thankful for any guidance on how to do this. Thank you for your time.

    • You are welcome. I enjoy doing them and the response has been very positive. I am using a laptop with Ubuntu Linux on it. I use GTK-recordMyDesktop to do the screen captures. With the great response to the E-Toys tutorial I have been giving thoughts to doing some XO/Sugar Tutorials (I can install Sugar under Ubuntu and should be able to record it.). I’d be happy to give you any support I can.

      • Thank you Freemor. I am new to digital media publishing/authoring and it will likely just be for this project. I now heard that there are plans to ship Sugar with Fedora 11 so I’m hoping I’ll be able to work with it there as my Sugar on Stick is still not bootable on Windows Vista. I will check out GTK-recordMyDesktop as a first step.

        The digital media tutorials that you and Tim Falconer (from Waveplace) would be really helpful for us.

  5. First thanks a lot for your Etoys tutorials. Two questions:
    How did you do them?
    Why not crate a “Etoys tutorial” category to collect them all together? (When I click on a tag I get all wordpress “tutorial” posts. With your category I can get a link with only yoour tutorials to point out to friends).
    Thanks again.

    • Sorry I see that I can get “Tutorial” from your tag clouds
      Anyway thanks if you can explain us how you create your screencast.

      • I’m Glad you found them useful. I create them using GTK-recordMyDesktop. on my GNU/Linux laptop. Thanks for the suggestion about the Catagory I’ll look into doing that. If you have more specific questions about The creation of the Tutorials feel free to ask.

  6. hello,
    I’m korean computer teacher in south korea.
    I glad to know you who are interested in computer science like me.
    I am teaching Etoys my student this year.
    Your blog help me teach this educational programming tool.
    Thanks very much.

  7. Hi. I am a teacher. Your Etoys manual is big help for me, I love it. I wish You a merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    • I’m glad you are finding the material useful. I am currently in the process of rolling all the tutorials and some HTML to help navigate into a data DVD. I may also roll them into a series of Video DVD’s after that. All of which will be released for free under a CC-BY-SA License. I’ll be sure to announce them here as they become available.

  8. Yeah.. cyberpunk.. !privacy !OnlyGodKnow

  9. Hi,

    I found you by your Google Cloud Print – Insane blog post. I am happy to have you here on this planet.


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