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A while ago I switched to using as my main Chat/Presence server. Since the switch I have come to greatly appreciate the value of their service.

I should probably back up a bit and talk about how I use Chat and presence services. The first thing that I should note is that as a supporter and advocate for Faif (Free as in freedom) software I stick to XMPP chat/presence servers. at first, then the one offered by my mail provider The problem I encountered was that the service offered by was based on an older XMPP server and didn’t play nicely with (more on that in a sec.). The other problem I encountered was that neither of them offered a way to keep in touch with friends who choose to use non-faif servers from a non-faif O/S.

Enter When I switched to not only did it work flawlessly with Which is a major consideration as that is my primary reason for running a chat/presence client these days. It also had an MSN/WLM gateway which I can, and do use to keep in touch with those stuck, for what ever reason, in a non-fiaf world .

It also has an IRC gateway which recently became of great utility to me as I put my N800 on a diet and part of that diet was not installing rtcomm beta which loaded in tonnes of functionality I’ll never use, and as the name suggests is stuck in beta.

So, by using and the basic XMPP client built into my N800 I can keep in touch with:

    My feed
    My friends on other XMPP services
    My friends stuck in Windows/MSN
    Anyone on any IRC server
    People on ICQ – I don’t but I could
    People on Yahoo – I don’t do this either
    Group chats on the server.
    And more even has room for me to grow into. They offer a jingle node that would allow video chat even through NAT routers. They have a Pub/Sub service I’ve yet to make use of, a user directory and other features.

One of the nicest things is that they are responsive to support requests. A while a go they had a minor outage. As this was a major diference then thier rock solid server availability I e-mailed to inquire as to the cause and expected duration of the outage. Their responce was fast,curtious, informative, and accurate. Not only that they even took the time to e-mail me when the server was back on its feet.

So if you are making the move to XMPP, or just moving to a new XMPP server I’d definitely recommend giving a look. They are great no matter what your chat/presence needs.


Site of the Week #15

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OK, So I’ve been a little lax on keeping up on my blogging. It’s a “have a life thing”, in-between trying to get the house ready for winter, the garden wound down, revved up on fall/winter obligations, etc. there just hasn’t been a lot of blogging time.

This weeks “Site of the Week” is a very useful one for all those that use and/or advocate for F.L.O.S.S. it’s:

Floss Manuals

This site has a large, and growing list of manuals for FLOSS software and relates items. It has many useful features such as the ability to generate a .PDF of the manual for offline reading. There is also a handy click here to print button.

Another great feature of the site is that, in true open source style, the manuals can be contributed and edited by users of the site. So I expect to see their list of manuals grow quickly as the community grows.

So, go check it out, I’d strongly suggest bookmarking the site so that the next time you need to read up on a piece of FLOSS software you can just pop over and read up.


Site of the Week #14

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Just a really quick “Site of the Week” entry here as I get back into the swing of things now that summer is over.

This week I’d like to shine a little light on

Functionally it is about the same as Tiny Url and other sites like it. What sets it apart is that it is an open source implementation. Should you be so inclined you could download the source code and set up your own. Even the UR1 database is available.

So Check it out.

Site of the week #13

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Do you like Science Fiction? Do you enjoy Podcasts? Are you looking for podcasts that aren’t just the hosts blabbing for 40 minutes and never reaching a point? Have I got a treat for you.

The site is called “Escape pod” and is located at:   (for those that are hesitant about clicking links)

I think they do a fine Job of describing themselves when they say:

Escape Pod is the world’s first audio science fiction magazine. Hosted by Stephen Eley, each week Escape Pod delivers science fiction and fantasy short stories from today’s best authors, read by a team of talented narrators.

The website currently looks like it is being re-worked a bit but don’t that that shake you, try a few of the podcasts and see for yourself. Short intro, and then right into the story. That’s the way I like my podcasts. All substance with just a bit of added flavour.

Try it for yourself and I think you’ll find that “Escape Pod” is worth adding to your favourite podcatcher.

Site of the week #12

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Wow, 12 weeks already, that was a fast 3 month.

This week’s site of the week is the home of some of my favourite netcasts.

It’s is where Leo Laporte hosts many netcasts, ranging from the technical, to the fun and entertaining. Most are Technology/Net centric but they are definitely geared to the average listener so you won’t be sitting there wondering what they are talking about. With 15 netcasts to choose from there is probably something for everyone.

There is now a sister site where you can watch Leo and friends doing the netcasts live.


Site of the Week #11

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This weeks site of the week is:

Although this link will be of little interest to my Windows based readers it is a great link for those of you using Ubuntu as it is a quick and easy place to get programs not in the Ubuntu repositories or newer versions of applications under heavy development. definitely scores high on my handy links to have around list.


Site of the Week #10

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Well this weeks “Site of the Week” is a small but useful site.. It has saved me frustration many times by answering one simple question “is twitter down isn’t fancy. it’s not big, it doesn’t make french toast.. but when your twitter gadget seems stuck and you not sure why it sure is nice to have a site like this.


Site of the Week #9

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I know I missed the site of the week last week. Sorry about that. The site of the week for this week is another Twitter related site.

the site is:


Twistori is a site that watches Twitter posts for ones containing one of five key word, Love, hate, think, believe, feel. and then print them out. So if you are watching the “Love” list you see a continuous list of people talking about things they love. The site is very engrossing is a strange voyeuristic kind of way.

It is definitely worth a few minutes to check it out and I blelieve that it will make int into may peoples bookmarks.

Site of the Week #8

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Bored? Slow day at the office? At the library but don’t feel like studying? Well then this weeks site of the week is for you. It is a wonderful site with a plethora of online flash based games to play. No sign up necessary.

you can find it at:

Go, play, enjoy

Site of the Week #7

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This weeks site of the week is a Video conferencing site. It isn’t the most feature rich but it does have strong appeal for other reasons.

The site is:

MeBeam allows you to video conference with up to 11 of your friends (12 people total) in a extremely easy way. The things about it I like most are the lack of sign up and the total ease of use.

To start a conference all you have to do is to go to and supply a room name. That will create the room and take you to it. To invite you friends just send then the URL of the room from the address bar. It’s that simple. The video quality is good and the voice didn’t get lagged in the tests that I did. (however I didn’t get a chance to try it with a full 12 people)

so give a try.. There’s no sign-up needed. just good video fun.

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