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If you’d like to see me cover a certian subject or do a tutorial/how-to on something in particular please leave a comment with the request below and I’ll see what I can do.



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  1. oy – read your google free post – i backed most of the way out about two years ago. i love their “do no evil” statement—–what happened?

    my team of three needed a tool to make meetings that actually worked and did not require us to put our lives in the trust of google/ms/yahoo/anyone. it is FREE, no REGISTRATION, PRIVATE, works across ALL CALENDAR systems. and it cuts your time making meetings by 2/3rds +

    the guy who did the bulk of the coding is a previous three time CTO of various sun companies – the code is rock solid. would you please go to our site and try making a meeting (with as many (n) as you’d like). thanks for trying it. your comments welcome. d

  2. Hello,

    I am interested in you etoys tutorials but I can not access them. Blip does not work. Can I download them somewhere?

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