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April 13, 2008 at 16:13 | Posted in Blogging | 17 Comments
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I just wanted to write a quick article on how to set up BloGTK with As I figure that people finding the previous post might be interested in such.

In the accounts and Preferences section, on the Accounts settings tab:

Server URL:

Username: Your username

Password: Your password

Blogging System: Choose “Movable type”

Click Save

Click OK

Then in the main BloGTK window Click File -> Connect

At this point you should be good to go. On the Advanced tab of the main window Keywords is where you set your tags.

Hope this helps



April 12, 2008 at 16:14 | Posted in Blogging | Comments Off on BloGTK
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After some quick Testing it looks like I May be moving over to BloGTK

BloGTK supports more then the copy of Gnome-Blog I was using did. Not having to go to after each post to set tags and catagory will be nice.

I will give it a try for a while and maybe next week write a small review of it.

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