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Just a short entry to let people (RSS) know that I’ve made updates to My “Flash ‘Cookies’, a hidden bane” entry and also put a link in the Side Bar to downloadable Flash LSO (cookie) removal scripts.



Ubuntu 8.04.1

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Woohoo Ubuntu 8.04.1 is out. I’m currently downloading the DVD .ISO’s from here. You can get the usual CD images from here

I’m already in 8.04.1 and must say that the Ubuntu team has been busy the last while squashing bugs at a fast pace. and doing a good job at focusing on the little annoying bugs that would be vexatious to new or less experienced users.

Congrats to the Ubuntu Team for producing a product that is definitely ready for the home desktop (yes even the proverbial “grandmother” that gets brought up all the time)

Site of the Week #11

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This weeks site of the week is:


Although this link will be of little interest to my Windows based readers it is a great link for those of you using Ubuntu as it is a quick and easy place to get programs not in the Ubuntu repositories or newer versions of applications under heavy development.

getdeb.net definitely scores high on my handy links to have around list.


Site of the Week #2

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This is my second weekly “Site of the Week” instalment.

This weeks site is:


Jamendo is a site that hosts Creative Commons licensed music that is free to download. The interface on the website is very well organized. It is easy to find what you are looking for and to download either one song or a full album. They also very clearly display the information on the Creative Commons license that that song or album is under so you know what the limitations are before you download it.

The songs have their ID3 tags properly set which depending on you library manager can be an important thing.

Jamendo also makes it very straight forward to donate to artist that you choose to, and considering that the artist have decided to put their stuff on-line for free, it’s just good form to donate something to an artist you particularly like.

So go, check it out, enjoy the music, Post music if you are an artist. Join the Jamendo community and discuss music on the various forums. Basically, go and enjoy a great site.

Site of the week #1

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With my recent blogging about drop.io, I’ve decided to do a Site of the week feature. Each Saturday I will blog about a site that I find useful, innovative, interesting, relevant or worth watching.

And So, this weeks site of the week is:


LibriVox is a site where you can get free audio-books. The recordings are both free as in beer, and free as in speech. From the few chapters I have listened to the recordings, though volunteer, are of good quality. you can download whole book for the catalogue or subscribe to one of their many podcasts.

I particularly enjoy their “books” podcast where they podcast a book, a chapter at a time, 3 times a week. If you are like me and addicted to podcasts then this is a god way too keep your supply of new podcasts up.

If you feel you have the necessary time and skill you can also contribute by volunteering to read chapters.

I also must say that the site is very well laid out. It was easy to find what I was looking for even the first time i visited the site. The site is also available in 9 different Languages.

So, go check librivox.org out, get a book or two, and spread the word.

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