Sorry for the delay..

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Sorry that I haven’t posted here recently. I’ve upgraded to Intrepid (Ubuntu 8.10) and am giving it a thorough going through. So far I’m mostly happy but there are a few Glitches..

Glitches so far:

Sleep/suspend/Hibernate is tanked on my laptop

Bluetooth wont talk to my palm (might be palm weirdness)

Odd crashes coming back from screensaver (may be a compiz problem)

Mild problem with my built in wifi (rtl8187). reports link quality incorrectly (always low even if sitting on the AP). this seems to be a reporting glitch more then a connection glitch as my range and connection is actually good.

Things I like:

The upgrade went smoothly.

The new dynamic kernel module management is cool (no more manually compiling kqemu after kernel updates)

The new NetworkManager can remember static IP’s for wireless AP’s (great for keeping me on the open ports in my router)

Many updated apps!!

Fast user switcher integration with pidgin is great!

Guest account is great! (no permenant home directory.. Very nicely done)

Private directories. I already had those going.. and they aren’t quite home user point and click ready yet. Also having a “private” directory in a default location with 2 click access.. doesn’t strike me as the best idea privacy wise. (I’ll definitely go in to that more)

The auto dimming of the laptop display (if inactive) is good.. but a control on how long to wait before doing it would be good.

still to test:


media related things (encoding/transcoding)

Overall I like it.. But if you are going to upgrade be aware it’s not as solid as Hardy. So if you need, need, need a solid system be sure you have a fallback path (partimage, etc) in case it has some deal breaking glitches when you upgrade (well, that is just plain sensible advice for any upgrade)

More to come….


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