Towards a “perfect” future

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What follows is just some musings of a techie on Technology and it’s possible effects on society.

I once again found my thoughts straying to matters of technology and how it will effect future generations. The event that started my mind musing was watching a friend edit an audio recording she had made and wanted to e-mail out. She wasn’t doing anything that hundreds of other people wouldn’t do in the same situation.. correcting parts that were to loud, removing inadvertent sounds etc, But it occurred to me, as it has in the past, that the legacy we are leaving for future generations is a somewhat false one.

Technology has made it incredibly simple to edit out any parts we don’t like. Digital photography has made picture taking so in expensive that only the “best” pictures often get saved and those pictures are often then retouched to correct lighting, colour balance, red eye, gaps in teeth, unwanted elements in the background removed, etc, up to and including the deletion of partners from failed relationships. With the same happening to causal audio recordings, etc, what effect will all this editing have on future generations who used the legacy of media we leave behind to judge their past and in some part their place in the world and in the flow of humanity. How disconcerting will it be to be looking back on a record that show everyone with perfect skin, perfect locations, perfect partners, or the hear that when people spoke there were no pregnant pauses and none of the usual um’s err’s and ah’s in their speech.

will being faced with such a “perfect” legacy push people further into body image crisis? Will the already mounting pressure to be some social “ideal” be magnified by the appearance that all who came before came closer to the mark then 99% of “real” people? How will our children and grandchildren be able to look back and see that we were human, with faults, flaws, and failings if we actively edit any sign of imperfection out of the media record?


A Couple Quick Points of Interest

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A couple of thing I find interesting.. and just wanted to Blog about quickly.

First.. there is this news about Microsoft screwing over all those that bought DRM’d music on their MSN music store. Seems keeping the licensing server running is more “trouble” (Read cost) then it is worth. This is one of the main reasons I’ve always been dead against DRM. loose the license.. loose the media you legally bought.

I’ve been around computers long enough to know that almost no-one will maintain infrastructure for a format that is out of date. Microsoft had to know this too.. So in my eye’s this is just big time manufactured obsolescence. Other reasons I’m against it.. Well that will have to be the topic of a longer post because the reasons are many, none of which include.. “because then I cant copy it illegally”

Secondly, Philippe Gauthier had an interesting post on his blog this morning that re-acquainted me with the work of Noam Chomsky. The clip is definitely worth a listen and Noam Chomsky’s page is worth looking at too.

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