Site of the week #13

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Do you like Science Fiction? Do you enjoy Podcasts? Are you looking for podcasts that aren’t just the hosts blabbing for 40 minutes and never reaching a point? Have I got a treat for you.

The site is called “Escape pod” and is located at:   (for those that are hesitant about clicking links)

I think they do a fine Job of describing themselves when they say:

Escape Pod is the world’s first audio science fiction magazine. Hosted by Stephen Eley, each week Escape Pod delivers science fiction and fantasy short stories from today’s best authors, read by a team of talented narrators.

The website currently looks like it is being re-worked a bit but don’t that that shake you, try a few of the podcasts and see for yourself. Short intro, and then right into the story. That’s the way I like my podcasts. All substance with just a bit of added flavour.

Try it for yourself and I think you’ll find that “Escape Pod” is worth adding to your favourite podcatcher.


Site of the week #12

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Wow, 12 weeks already, that was a fast 3 month.

This week’s site of the week is the home of some of my favourite netcasts.

It’s is where Leo Laporte hosts many netcasts, ranging from the technical, to the fun and entertaining. Most are Technology/Net centric but they are definitely geared to the average listener so you won’t be sitting there wondering what they are talking about. With 15 netcasts to choose from there is probably something for everyone.

There is now a sister site where you can watch Leo and friends doing the netcasts live.


Security Now! Reminder

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This is just a reminder that the second half of Steve Gibson’s coverage of Phorm/Nebuad/Frontporch/etc (Episode #151) is now available here.

I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet.. but I’m sure it will be a good listen, not just for Techie’s like me but for anyone that is concerned about their privacy and the fact that ISP’s are selling yours out.


Part 1 is Episode #149 for those that missed it.

Leo and Steve Slide a bit heavily into reminiscing about the good old days and other geekspeak. If you want just the Phorm, etc, stuff skip to 1:00:00. The reminiscing is fun for a techie like me but may be a bit drawn out for people just wanting the skinny on what their ISP is doing to their privacy.

Steve Gibbson Covers Phorm/Nebuad/AdZilla/etc

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episode #149 and the upcoming episode #151 of Security Now! cover Phorm and others. Probably most people that read my blog will already know of this controversy as I have covered it before. I am VERY happy to see Steve Gibson using his reach to get the word out about this growing trend, and to alert people to the threat to their privacy. Way to go Mr. Gibson.

I’ve only heard the first part #149, but given Steve Gibson’s skill at bringing technical issues to the masses I’m sure both Episodes will be worth listening to and directing others to.

Site of the Week #5

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This weeks site of the week is an Old favourite of mine for many reasons. It is

even though it may appear at first glance to be a site geared to the Techie crowd, it is actually very useful to the average home users. In particular the “Shields Up” section is in my opinion the de facto standard way to run a quick test of your firewall and router (Yes, I know that more testing is in order for SOHO or other mission critical machines). For the average home user it gives a quick way to see where holes then need to patch are, explains why they should be patched and offers suggestion on how to do so.

There is also a plethora of useful utilities on the site, and the “Security Now” podcast is one of my favourites.

The site is well worth the short few minutes it takes to explore and should IMHO be in everyone’s bookmarks.

Site of the week #1

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With my recent blogging about, I’ve decided to do a Site of the week feature. Each Saturday I will blog about a site that I find useful, innovative, interesting, relevant or worth watching.

And So, this weeks site of the week is:

LibriVox is a site where you can get free audio-books. The recordings are both free as in beer, and free as in speech. From the few chapters I have listened to the recordings, though volunteer, are of good quality. you can download whole book for the catalogue or subscribe to one of their many podcasts.

I particularly enjoy their “books” podcast where they podcast a book, a chapter at a time, 3 times a week. If you are like me and addicted to podcasts then this is a god way too keep your supply of new podcasts up.

If you feel you have the necessary time and skill you can also contribute by volunteering to read chapters.

I also must say that the site is very well laid out. It was easy to find what I was looking for even the first time i visited the site. The site is also available in 9 different Languages.

So, go check out, get a book or two, and spread the word.

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