I’m calling it.

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It’s clear that the major focus of the US election this year is going to be popularity. How much can a given candidate hold the attention and sway the opinions of the “Web 2.0” masses.

Many would say that Obama has a clear lead in this regard, and that the addition of Palin to McCain’s campaign is an attempt to not only freshen up his campaign but also to add more appeal for the under 50 crowd.

I think that the media in general has completely overlooked the front runner in all this, namely Stephen Colbert. Mr Colbert undeniable has a larger following, both at home and abroad, than either candidate. He has foreign policy experience as witnessed by his influence in the naming of foreign bridges. He has a clear eye on the threats facing the country. As for his ability to sway the opinions of the masses, I think there can be little argument that Colbert leads by a huge margin.

With his ability to easily draft Jane Fonda as a running mate he could easily counter the limited threat posed by Palin.

What’s that you say? He’s not officially running. No problem. Given the voting irregularities in both 2000 and 2004 and the fact that voting is done electronically now. I think that should Stephen Colbert announce his will to be president come election day there is no doubt that his name would appear at the top of the list.

Should there be any minor dissent afterwards (by those confused the the electoral realities in the 21st century) President Colbert already has a personal army ready to back up the opinion of his masses.

So, I’m calling it.. Colbert/Fonda ’08

See you in the white House Mr. Persident, Sir.

Other reasons Colbert is the clear choice:

Only candidate with his own army.

Only candidate with his own wiki.

Only candidate with his own nation.

Only candidate cool enough to run a stealth campaign. (cause we all know that stealth is cool)

Clearly the best looking candidate. (and that includes Palin)


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