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This is just a reminder that the second half of Steve Gibson’s coverage of Phorm/Nebuad/Frontporch/etc (Episode #151) is now available here.

I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet.. but I’m sure it will be a good listen, not just for Techie’s like me but for anyone that is concerned about their privacy and the fact that ISP’s are selling yours out.


Part 1 is Episode #149 for those that missed it.

Leo and Steve Slide a bit heavily into reminiscing about the good old days and other geekspeak. If you want just the Phorm, etc, stuff skip to 1:00:00. The reminiscing is fun for a techie like me but may be a bit drawn out for people just wanting the skinny on what their ISP is doing to their privacy.


Site of the Week #5

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This weeks site of the week is an Old favourite of mine for many reasons. It is

even though it may appear at first glance to be a site geared to the Techie crowd, it is actually very useful to the average home users. In particular the “Shields Up” section is in my opinion the de facto standard way to run a quick test of your firewall and router (Yes, I know that more testing is in order for SOHO or other mission critical machines). For the average home user it gives a quick way to see where holes then need to patch are, explains why they should be patched and offers suggestion on how to do so.

There is also a plethora of useful utilities on the site, and the “Security Now” podcast is one of my favourites.

The site is well worth the short few minutes it takes to explore and should IMHO be in everyone’s bookmarks.

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